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Custom Ceramic Pet Cremation Urns

Pet urns from Red Fern Urns are designed and crafted as personalized pet memorials for your departed animal companion.

The Saint

The Saint is our most recent contemporary style pet cremation urn. The urn has a gentle personality and loving arms, and is personalized with a silver pendant that displays your pet's name and dates of life. The urn comes in a variety of glazes and sizes to suit your needs.

The Abbot

The Abbot Our original custom pet urn line, is of a contemporary style based on traditional pottery forms and glazes, personalized with a ceramic pendant displaying your pet's name and dates of life. This urn also comes in a variety of glazes and sizes to suit your needs. More information about what size to choose can be found here.

The Bishop

Our beautiful line of Bishop Urns is almost inspirational in its sleek vertical design. This style is accompanied with an engraved sterling silver pendent to personalize it. And, like the Abbot, the Bishop Urn is also offered in a variety of sizes and glazes.

The Grace

To offer something beautifully personal to fit any budget Red Fern Urns is now offering two new styles of pet urns in a variety of colors but one size only. The Grace Urn is personalized with an engraved sterling silver pendent and leather strap.

We encourage you to browse our easy to navigate website by item and click on photos, colors and sizes as well as FAQ to find all the information you need to make the best choice for your pet, including what size cremation urn to order.

Jaime Miller and Murphy

Red Fern Urns wishes to convey our heartfelt condolences on the loss of your pet. It is our hope to provide comfort in the form of a beautiful and lasting ceramic urn to serve as a final resting place for your beloved pet's cremains. These personalized and artistic cremation urns will be a personal and treasured reminder of your faithful animal companion.

Jaime Miller is the owner and ceramic artist behind Red Fern Urns. Jaime has been working with clay since 1996 and studied ceramics at Louisiana State University.

Jaime recently lost her 12-year-old Golden Retriever, Murphy, to cancer; and her 17-year-old cat, Tab Kitty, to old age and diabetes.