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Tuesday, January 23rd 2018. 07:50:15

Glaze Options


  • Opaque - Neither transparent nor translucent, having no luster, dull
  • Matte - A dull lusterless surface
  • Semimatte - Midway between matte & glossy
  • Glossy - Shiny or lustrous surface
  • Translucent - Clear, transparent

Red Fern Urn Glaze Descriptions:

Green Lagoon: The Green Lagoon is an opaque matte glaze offering subtle variations of the green throughout the urn.

Jet Black: The Jet Black is a semimatte glaze, being true to the color black. Classic.

Pure White: The Pure White is a creamy semimatte glaze being almost dainty and true to the color white.

Sky Blue: The Sky Blue is a glossy translucent glaze. The blue reflects the sky on a beautiful day - very attractive and very classic.

Ivy Green: The Ivy Green is a semimatte glaze. Slight breaks in the glaze around the rims and knobs define it as natural.

Varigated Turquoise Blue: The Varigated Turquoise Blue is a glossy glaze. It is a mixture of two glazes, one layered over the other. The varigation occurs on the body of the urn while the lid and base of the urn reflect the rich turquoise color. Beautifully ornamental.

Harvest Moon Yellow: The Harvest Moon Yellow is an opaque glaze. Ever so slight variations in the glaze leads to a classic color. Truly for a naturalist.

Midnight Cobalt Blue: The Midnight Cobalt Blue is an opaque glaze that mirrors the color found in the cobalt stone. A very rich and elegant glaze.

Burnt Brown Amber: The Burnt Brown Amber is a beautiful translucent glossy glaze. Natural and still sophisticated.

Sage Green: The Sage Green is an attractive glossy glaze. The color reflects the sage herb known for its healing purposes.